Dog Daycare

We can't always take our dogs to work, restaurants, or on vacation, so they end up staying home for hours on end. They are bored, frustrated, anxious, and may even get into mischief while you are away. A brief midday walk is nice, but it's no substitute for hours of real exercise and playtime. So what should you do? Bring them to K-9 Kamp where they can play with their pals and burn off that excess energy.

K-9 Kamp's Dog Daycare provides a carefully supervised group setting for socializing your dog. With three separate inside and outside play areas, K-9 Kamp provides love, exercise and human/canine companionship in a safe and fun environment.

The outside play areas are quite large, allowing ample room for running and playing with other dogs. The dogs have full access to the outside areas ALL day long. We are also Air-Conditioned!!

You may bring your dog as little as one day a week or as often as every day.

Dogs are not normally fed during daycare visits, but you are welcome to bring an unfinished breakfast or lunchtime snack if you like. We do not give treats for we have found that many dogs have allergies or dietary restrictions. We will administer medications if requested.

Interview Required

Interviews are ONLY held after daycare hours (after 6:30 pm) Monday - Thursday by appointment only.  

We will need to meet your dog prior to his/her first day of daycare to ensure that there are no aggression issues. This also gives you an opportunity to see what our center has to offer and gives your dog an opportunity to sniff and become acquainted with us. Please CALL to schedule an appointment.  We cannot schedule an appointment by email.

Requirements for New Dogs »

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Dog Daycare Rates - Taxes NOT Included

  • Full Day: $28.00
  • Half Day $18.00 per day

Owners of Multiple Dogs

  • Full Day: $24.00 per dog
  • Half Day: $17.00 per dog
  • To qualify for Multiple Dog pricing, all dogs must be from the same household and the same owner.

Late Fees

$5.00 late fee charge if picked up after 6:30 pm Monday-Friday, or after 4:00 pm Saturday
An additional $5.00 for every 10 minutes after 6:30 pm.

Saturday Daycare Pricing

  • All pricing same as a regular day of daycare
  • 1/2 day no more than 4 hours

Prepaid Package Rates

  • 10 Full Day Package for one dog: $270.00 (savings of $10)
  • 20 Full Day Package for one dog: $530.00 (savings of $30)
  • 10 Half Day Package for one dog: $170.00 (savings of $10)
  • 10 Full Day Package for two dogs: $460.00 (savings of $20)
  • 10 Full Day Package for three dogs: $690.00 (savings of $30)
  • Prepaid packages cannot be split!
  • To qualify for Multiple Dog pricing, all dogs must be from the same household and the same owner.
  • All packages expire after 12 months and are non-refundable.
  • Prepaid packages cannot be used towards, or in combination with, boarding fees.
  • All dogs must be dropped off by 12:00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

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